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we’re creative surge media

a boutique social media management agency, specializing in marketing content, strategy, and execution



To help liven up your brand and take you from stale to new and fresh!

Our service offerings take you places.

We work on a monthly retainer to handle everything you need without worrying about what you should be doing next.

📓 Social Media Strategy
🏘 Community Management
🎨 Visual Content Creation
💰 Paid Advertising
⭐️ Influencer + Brand Partnerships
📈 Analytics

book a discovery call

Let's meet briefly to discuss what would help you most! Whether you need help with a project, graphic design, content creation, or full-time social media management we've got you covered!

what we do

  • Work with high-quality writers and graphic designers

  • Work only with reputable brands

  • Research and fact-check our content

  • Create engaging content that is shareable and saveable

  • Work alongside you and your team

  • Stay up to date with new trends and features

what we don't do

  • Outsource work to content farms

  • Write watered-down content

  • Work on our own without your input

  • Put your security at risk

  • Rinse and repeat content from account to account

  • Work without deadlines or guidelines



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