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who is behind Creative Surge Media?

At Creative Surge Media, you have strategists, creatives, copywriters, and assistant that know the tools of the trade. We know what will help bring your brand to life and not only exist but thrive.


Our team comes from backgrounds rich in social media work for various brands, influencers, companies, and more. However, ultimately, we decided to develop our own trajectory. And Creative Surge was birthed!


At Creative Surge Media our clients always come first.

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nia patterson



Nia first started using social media to grow a business in 2016 with the development of a planner sticker shop. Since then they have worked with small companies, entrepreneurs, and small startups to lead their social media strategies, content creation, and management of social channels.

They have a particular love to design and social media graphic creation. Ever since Nia has been using their years of knowledge and creative mind to bring ideas to life and develop strategies that help clients gain the results they deserve.

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