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Dear Gifted Kid...

I get you because I was you. Still am you. You grew up being told you were destined for greatness, only to reach adulthood feeling lost, overwhelmed, and like you haven't lived up to your potential. I've been there too. But I'm here to tell you that you absolutely can unleash the gifts and superpowers that have been inside you all along. You just need the right keys to unlock them. That's where I come in.

By learning who you are at your core and through energetics and personal power coaching, I help purpose-driven millennials like you align with your innate strengths so you can thrive and be uncompromisingly yourself. Everything I teach is rooted in embracing your true authentic power, not holding yourself to unrealistic standards or societal definitions of success. Together we'll push back against the status quo, uncover your innate superpowers, and discover the key to unlock the gifts you've always had within you.

Growing into your potential isn't complicated, you just haven't had access to

the right tools and support until now. I'm here to give you the radically

transparent insights and empowerment training you need to stop just

surviving and start thriving as the gifted, purpose-driven changemaker

I know you are.

Are you ready? Let's do this.

A black, nonbinary person, Nia Patterson a business coach in Lincoln Nebraska sits on a white block with a rainbow cape

The BEST ways to work with me!


Join an Energetic Workshop
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Listen to the Podcast
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Work with me 1:1
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How I do what I do...

Business Coaching

Through my approach to business coaching, I help you unlock the innate gifts within you so you can confidently lead and make decisions guided by your purpose. By revealing your distinctive leadership abilities, strengths, and authority, I empower you to align your business and offerings with what most fulfills you. Together we activate the capacity to build and offer services fueled by your spirit, not mere survival. You reclaim your superpower to thrive financially and spiritually, manifesting empowered change through radically authentic work only you can provide.

Wealth Energetics

Applying intuitive energetic principles, I help identify subtle blocks around money so you can dismantle them and create an empowered relationship with wealth. My approach uses affirmations, thought challenges, and healing practices to transform outdated programming and release financial fears and resistance. By aligning your abundance goals with your purpose, you feel fulfilled and energized to manifest new financial possibilities. Our work unlocks your innate capacity to attain prosperity on your own terms.

Human Design for Business

Drawing from my personal knowledge of human design, I help you unlock your unique business gifts and inner authority so you can build a business true to who you are. My approach enables you to make intuitive decisions, lead authentically, manifest ideas, motivate teams, or provide compassionate service—all aligned with your energy and integrity. This clarity allows you to grow your business and impact without burning out. With my guidance and your gifts, we can create a business fueled by purpose.

Kind words from clients!

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upcoming events

New Moon in Aquarius Workshop
New Moon in Aquarius Workshop
Feb 09, 2024, 7:00 PM CST
Virtual Event
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